Roger Johnson: Chairman
I have  always  been  a  keen  photographer  but  my  interest  was  raised when  my  son  used  his  analogue  camera  (a  present  for  his  21st)  to come  third  out  of  over  800  entrants  in  the  Vienna  Photo  Marathon. Not  wishing  to  be  outdone,  the  following  year  I  entered  and  came  a miserable  253rd.  Joining  RPS  has  seen  me  raise  my  game  thanks  to the  guidance  and  stimulus  of  people  better  than  myself  and  their gentle but positive encouragement. I still lag some way behind my son but  really  enjoy  being  part  of  a  society  which  provides  so  many opportunities  to  improve.  In  2008  &  2009  I  imported  the  idea  of  the photo marathon to West Bridgford where each year we saw over 100 people enter and a significant amount of money raised for charity.

Carole Syson: Secretary
My father bought me a Kodak Brownie when I was about 11 years old, and from then on I have just loved taking pictures. For my 40th birthday I had a Cosina 50mm film camera bought for me, and my interest expanded. Progressing then to the magic of digital compact cameras taking holiday, birthday and family pictures over many years, when the children were growing up. When I retired, I thought I would like to join a Camera Club, and now have a Panasonic Lumix, which has brought a different dimension to my photography. In 2016 I joined Rushcliffe PS, and I find members very helpful, friendly and sociable. I’m learning new skills and knowledge, and members are always happy to share their experiences and give advice. Most of all I love macro and landscape photography. I look forward to being on the committee this year, and I hope that I can contribute to the club in any way I can.

Bryan Browne, Treasurer.
My interest in photography grew when given a Pentax ME Super by a family friend. I joined a photographic club much later after going to an open evening at Rushcliffe almost 20 years ago. I remember being impressed by the quality of images and range of subject matter on show. I dabbled briefly into darkroom developing and printing, learning all sorts of techniques for slide manipulation from an extremely enthusiastic bunch of people. Digital rapidly replaced film and this seems to have broadened the membership and seen the average age reduce! I think we currently have the most enthusiastic group of members both photographically and socially. I have previously been on the committee as Secretary and Competitions Secretary.

Pauline Barrett: Committee Member.
I joined the Society in 2013 being one of only a handful of female members of the Society at the time. Since then the Society has grown and become one of the most active and sociable groups that I am involved in. I started as a girl with a Kodak Brownie camera and my knowledge of cameras and photo editing has increased dramatically during the last twelve months and I am grateful to all my Club mentors! In my first year as Chairman I have learnt even more and enjoyed the contact and interaction and my confidence has certainly been boosted. I am grateful for everyone’s support and am looking forward to the challenges in 2017/2018.

Pat Cathcart: Committee Member.
I am fairly new to photography and when I joined the Society in late September 2016 I didn’t know anything about shooting in RAW, how to process an image, or much about the different genres within photography. I’ve really enjoyed my first year and have learnt a lot from the varied and interesting programme. I am particularly grateful to the various people who gave their time freely in helping me to understand how to take better photographs and deal with them when processing. I have found club members to be very friendly and approachable. I am sure any new members will feel welcome. As a new Committee member, I will endeavour to assist in ensuring that club members have a great year.

Graham Palmer, Committee Member.
Like many dads for years I was the family snapper for birthdays, Christmases and holidays. A few years ago my wife got interested in photography and joined RPS. I went along to keep her company and was immediately hooked. I bought a camera and started to understand how much I needed to learn. From the start I found RPS to be very inclusive and other more experienced members were always encouraging and keen to help me improve. The most important thing for me though is that when I leave the meetings I always find I just want to race out and take great photographs.

Tim Ryan, Committee Member.
I’ve been a keen photographer since the age of 15 when I purchased a second-hand Zenit-E, a Soviet-era 35mm SLR camera which was as far from the automated systems of today as you can imagine. I enjoy portrait, architectural and street photography, taking the occasional commission from clients as part of my job running a web development agency. I’m proficient in computer image manipulation, using software such as Photoshop and Pixelmator most days and I’m keen to investigate the potential of High Dynamic Range techniques during the coming months.