Introduction To Our Activities and Events for 2017-18

This 2017/18 programme has been assembled to provide the members with a varied mixture of interesting and exciting events, providing opportunities to participate in and to improve and enjoy your photography in a good-humoured, relaxed and supportive environment. We hope that there’s something here that will be of interest to all of our members, no matter what level of ability or particular photographic interest.

We have once again tried to include in each month at least one guest speaker and one competition event, be it a projected digital image (PDI) competition or a print competition.

For the fourth year running the Society will start its annual programme with an exhibition at West Bridgford Library. The exhibition, which will run for three weeks, provides a showcase of images produced by the members over the last few years, and we endeavour to include work from as many members as we can so that the public can see the wide range of photographic styles and subject matter that our members can produce.

As a Tollerton based Society we will be supporting the local community by having an exhibition of photographs at the annual Tollerton Art and Photography Exhibition and we will look to support the Tollerton Village Event in the summer.

With membership at record levels (even greater than last year!) and with unprecedented numbers of entries into our competitions we have again amended the rules of our annual competitions.

This year we will be combining our two panel competitions (the Print Panel Competition and the Projected Image Panel Competition) into a single event, with both print panels and PDI panels being seen on the same evening. For the Panel competitions entrants are required to submit sets of images, all related or themed in some way, to be judged as a panel or set. Some examples of panels that have been submitted for previous competitions can be seen later in this handbook, where you can also find detailed information on all of our competitions, including the rules of entry.

Our popular Annual Print and Annual Projected Digital Image (PDI) competitions will once again feature in the programme and we will maintain two classes – Advanced and Intermediate. This year, the competitions will be as follows:

No Competition Name Date Theme
1 PDI – Round 1 7th Nov 2017 Open
2 Print – Round 1 28th Nov 2017 Open
3 PDI – Round 2 9th Jan 2018 Mono / B&W only
4 Panels (PDI & Prints) 23rd Jan 2018 Open
5 Print – Round 2 13th Feb 2018 Mono / B&W only
6 PDI – Round 3 20th Mar 2018 Colour only
7 Print – Round 3 17th Apr 2018 Colour only
8 PDI – Round 4 22nd May 2018 Creative Abstract
9 Print – Round 4 5th Jun 2018 Portraits

In addition to our own competitions, our Society and its members can enter into the various regional competitions arranged by N&EMPF and PAGB. Details are available on their respective websites. Club entries to these competitions are co-ordinated by the Society’s committee.

Our Photographic Distinctions group will continue to operate, on an informal basis, to assist and encourage those members who wish to pursue accreditation with, for example, the Royal Photographic Society.

Our programme wouldn’t be complete without practical, technical and technique evenings and a number of Saturday workshops where more time can be given to practical training and tuition, giving you an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques or to improve existing ones.

You’ll also notice that some Tuesdays do not have a specific activity allocated to them: These give us the opportunity to schedule events based on ideas proposed by the Society’s members: As ever, your committee welcomes suggestions for other programme events so please don’t hesitate to speak to a committee member if there’s something that you’d like to see included or if there’s something that you’d like to organise.

Access Statement

Rushcliffe Photographic Society endeavours to be a fully inclusive Camera Club, welcoming a spectrum of people with all abilities and needs and from all walks of life. The meeting rooms at Tollerton are wheelchair friendly and whenever possible, consideration is given to access needs at Shoot-outs or other events.

Members are expected to make their own transport arrangements to meetings and events, but it may be possible for assistance with lifts etc. to be given on an Ad Hoc basis from other members who are attending the event. Please remember that some members may not be available to attend meetings and events and alternative arrangements would need to be made.  Consideration in this matter is much appreciated.